I’m Jane McNeal, a hot girl from a hot continent called Australia! )) Some people start blogs just because they are bored. Some hope to find new friends. Some use them to share their opinions and knowledge. For me, it’s a sort of diary. I’ve got this habit ever since my school years. Every evening, I used to sit down, open my shabby notebook and write down everything that happened to me during the day, everything that came to my mind and impressed me. That’s probably why I decided to become a screenwriter. Well, not that I’m writing for Hollywood, hehe. But my plays are pretty popular in our local theater. I even played a minor part in one of them )) It’s called ‘Don’t Mess With The Natives.” I played a pregnant fish trader )) And I really was pregnant! So I’m always telling my daughter she’s an inborn actress )) By the way, the play is still on. Come and see it 🙂