Have you ever wondered what it is to have enough money to buy everything you need and realize all your dreams? Some people are born rich, some work hard to earn their wealth, and some get a ticket to the world of luxury by marrying a millionaire 🙂 Not that I cherish an illusion of picking up one, haha. But when I came across this video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l2FU_-HBto, I couldn’t help thinking how I would feel and act in THEIR place. I mean, women, admit it – we all want a well-off man. But being beside someone who has THAT much money implies certain responsibilities and compromises. You can’t just sit back and let everything slide. You always have to be the best. You have to walk like a million and talk like a million 🙂 While your husband is busy making money, your job is to watch over the household even though you don’t need to do everything by yourself. Or even build your own career! And you have to keep the flames burning, if you know what I mean, no matter what 🙂 Millionaires are known for their bad temper, and this is yet another thing on your trouble list. So, being a millionaire’s wife is cool, but damn hard! Besides, if you financially depend on your husband without any other sources of income, you can find yourself high and dry if he meets another… What do you think? Is it worth the sacrifice? Would you, girls, take all the risks for the sake of putting a million dollar wedding ring on your finger? 🙂 Looking forward for your comments!