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How I fell in love with autumn

We don’t get a lot of autumn here in Australia. In fact, we don’t get any at all. People living on the other side of the ocean are used to the change of seasons. You can’t surprise anyone with yellows leaves or snow )) Here leaves only get yellow when it’s getting too hot 🙂 People of high latitudes, you don’t know how lucky you are! )) Most of you dream of spen Christmas holidays in Australia. But clear sky and blue sea can get boring, too. As for me, I’m fed up with all that! )) I would give all the sun of Australia for just one real October day, with rain, puddles and mist! Strange, hah? A girl from the South – and suddenly so incredibly in love with autumn. It all started after I took a trip to Prague… Fasten your seat belts, we’re taking off!

The right time, the right place

If you’ve never been to Prague, you definitely should! This is a marvelous city with fantastic views that will haunt you in your dreams long after you return 🙂 I couldn’t get enough of its old cobbled streets, fanciful facades and cornices, cozy coffee houses and all the funny small shops lurking in blind alleys… I spend hours wandering around the city at will, without any roadmap, and taking in its amazing atmosphere. Leaves on the trees were glowing yellow and red, so intense and warm that they almost seemed to emit light. And although it was drizzling almost all the time, I felt so cozy and nice under my umbrella… The wet pavement was sparkling under my feet and fallen leaves were floating in the puddles, so lightly and graciously that they seemed to be hovering in the sky mirrored in the water surface… Of course, I took a lot of pictures, but the camera just couldn’t contain all that magic. Those fascinating moments remained in my memory slowly fading away… Until I saw this painting!

Nostalgia in oil

Look at this lovely nature painting here. It’s called ‘Blues of Falling Leaves.’ I really like this name, it’s so romantic and musical 🙂 The author is Leonid Afremov. I never heard of him before, but now he is one of my favorite artists! There are several things I like most about this canvas:

  1. The leaves. They are everywhere! On the trees, on the ground, in the puddles… The colors are so bright and spectacular!
  2. The sky. The white mist makes it almost non-existent, as if the entire scenery was hanging the middle of nowhere! Gives the picture a bit surreal look.
  3. And finally, the girl 🙂 He silhouette is so in tune with the landscape. It seems to be made out of fallen leaves… I imagine that it’s me 🙂

Nature and painting go so well together 🙂 I now have this small masterpiece on my wall. It reminds me of the amazing October days I spent in Prague and gives me my share of autumn amidst the eternal Australian summer 🙂


A tale with a tricky end

Have you ever wondered what it is to have enough money to buy everything you need and realize all your dreams? Some people are born rich, some work hard to earn their wealth, and some get a ticket to the world of luxury by marrying a millionaire 🙂 Not that I cherish an illusion of picking up one, haha. But when I came across this video on YouTube, I couldn’t help thinking how I would feel and act in THEIR place. I mean, women, admit it – we all want a well-off man. But being beside someone who has THAT much money implies certain responsibilities and compromises. You can’t just sit back and let everything slide. You always have to be the best. You have to walk like a million and talk like a million 🙂 While your husband is busy making money, your job is to watch over the household even though you don’t need to do everything by yourself. Or even build your own career! And you have to keep the flames burning, if you know what I mean, no matter what 🙂 Millionaires are known for their bad temper, and this is yet another thing on your trouble list. So, being a millionaire’s wife is cool, but damn hard! Besides, if you financially depend on your husband without any other sources of income, you can find yourself high and dry if he meets another… What do you think? Is it worth the sacrifice? Would you, girls, take all the risks for the sake of putting a million dollar wedding ring on your finger? 🙂 Looking forward for your comments!


Hi guys!

I’m Jane McNeal, a hot girl from a hot continent called Australia! )) Some people start blogs just because they are bored. Some hope to find new friends. Some use them to share their opinions and knowledge. For me, it’s a sort of diary. I’ve got this habit ever since my school years. Every evening, I used to sit down, open my shabby notebook and write down everything that happened to me during the day, everything that came to my mind and impressed me. That’s probably why I decided to become a screenwriter. Well, not that I’m writing for Hollywood, hehe. But my plays are pretty popular in our local theater. I even played a minor part in one of them )) It’s called ‘Don’t Mess With The Natives.” I played a pregnant fish trader )) And I really was pregnant! So I’m always telling my daughter she’s an inborn actress )) By the way, the play is still on. Come and see it 🙂


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